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Joachim Vandaele

I have been building businesses for over 15 years in the financial services, family office, information technology and new media space. Through strategic forethought and disciplined execution I have navigated companies out of dangerous waters, into new geographies and into unexplored fields of knowledge.

I act as an operating partner to the founders and funders of ventures on the verge of taking off. I bring innovation to founders by repurposing their great existing ideas with vision. I bring funders growth by providing clear strategic direction and business discipline, to build velocity and cope with immediate opportunities or threats. I tend to focus on smart allocation of resources, managing cash crunch situations, identifying and integrating new companies or preparing for a change in capital structure.

I am drawn towards the ambition of businesses who set out to be global, and the modesty of multi-cultural teams. I build rapport with those souls who want to change the system to change the world, and choose entrepreneurship as their vehicle. But those who also recognize they need help to take their business to the next level, business partners who bring experience they are yet to develop. I believe that it is only doing that creates change, and it is only change that creates value which is sustainable in the long run.

I bet on the quality of my own decisions, and those of the entrepreneurs I choose to work with. To this purpose I have cofounded Zephyr Ventures through which my partner and I invest our resources – time being a precious and our cash a close second. We accept equity stakes in return.

I enjoy supporting entrepreneurs in exploring opportunity throughout different stages of their journey. As an ‘Entrepreneur-in-Residence’ at INSEAD, I provide students with insights from my successes and failures, put them on the path to better questions, and ultimately help them to create their own reality.

Being a global citizen, I live in Singapore with my wife and 2 kids. I lose myself in music, bring the world on my plate, and quench my curiosity about life through yoga.

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Monisha Varadan

If you are looking for a sequential description of my experience over the last 15 years, perhaps you should stop. I’ve worked in 5 different industries, in 4 different countries and played myriad roles for a number of organizations. I’ve read the news, and produced TV shows. I have structured acquisitions, created investment funds and raised money. And now I enjoy designing go-to-market plans and building partnerships for a technology giant.

There are few common threads. I enjoy collecting experiences. I love narratives and knitting people together. I am most at ease in global settings. I am known for getting things done and I often have an unwavering sense of direction. I pick my projects and jobs based on the experience it offers – if it’s fun, demands my passion, involves interesting people and offers a blank canvas to start from – I am your woman.

My role is sometimes described as a “corporate entrepreneur”. I am often brought in when there is complete ambiguity that needs to be turned into a new compelling reality, where chaos needs to re-arrange into structure. Nascent projects catch my fancy as they offer unending possibility.

I co-founded Zephyr Ventures to tap into a space where ideas turn into reality – the world of startups and small businesses is filled with untethered hope, ambition, drive but sometimes lacks a realistic plan and the right people. We step in to help businesses by investing two of our most precious resources – time and cash, in that order.

I have recently discovered the joys of motherhood and spend time looking after two delightful girls. My husband and I bring yoga and mindfulness into our lives and hope that one day we can end up spending more time disconnected from the digital world.

What can I help you with?
Partnerships and go-to-market plans, Business Development in APAC, Writing Narratives, Business plans and fundraising, Small companies – listed markets, fundraising, acquisitions, Broadcasting, media and journalism.

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