We bring velocity to ventures on the verge of taking off


We are driven by three main beliefs:

  1. Only action leads to change and only change creates value which is sustainable in the long run. Fundraisings and other corporate equity transactions are merely part of the larger game.
  2. Financial capital is not as scarce as human, social or environmental capital and where there is scarcity, there is value.
  3. We back people who want to change the world by changing the systems in which they live, and choose entrepreneurship as their vehicle.

Our Approach

We instil value creation methods similar to those typically brought by institutional investors upon large funding rounds.

We help the founders and early backers maintain a larger share of the upside by lengthening the runway and creating a culture of self-sustenance.  We enter into businesses to prove the business at a minimum viable scale, to identify the main vectors and bottlenecks for further growth, and to lay out the future needs for capital – whatever type of capital this might be.

We bring velocity to ventures on the verge of taking off.  Velocity being the powerful yet intricate combination of setting a clear direction forward and giving impetus.

Setting Direction

Defining success and creating strategic clarity

Narrowing down the focus by dropping products or services

Sharper allocation of resources

Cutting through the interdependencies

Recruiting beyond founding talent

Giving Impetus

Priorities, to drown out the noise and focus on what matters

Rigor, to introduce diligence, precision and accuracy

Discipline, to assert direction and willpower

Sense of urgency, to kickstart progress and enable achievement

The Art of the Narrative, to draw out a story that all can believe and buy into


Over the last 6 years, we have built a portfolio of companies, people and experiences. We carefully select our ventures and roles and seek maximum alignment through equity linked incentives, however we also believe that a cash based retainer keeps relationships sane.

We typically take full-time or part-time executive roles over a medium term.
We consider different collaboration models, however typically we tend to assume the following:

  • Interim Executive
  • Operating Partner
  • Entrepreneur-in-Residence


We work with scale-ups, ventures on the verge of taking off or those at a critical stage of growth, transitioning from 5 to 50 employees, showing first signs of revenue and preparing for international expansion and, or a fundraise.

We identify teams who are pursuing possibilities beyond their currents skill set. We search for those who see value in tapping into an extended network and new sources of capital. We tend to add value when we work with people who are different from us but share a similar value system.

We are the champions of investors alike, representing them in the business. We bring them a growth plan, with clear strategic direction and business discipline. We install governance structures in order to capture and share value throughout the system. We steer the business to its full potential by repurposing their great founding ideas with vision.